So I was watching a Wayne Goss video on Youtube and he spoke a little about "Clean Beauty". Now if you aren't familiar with Wayne Goss, he is a world famous makeup artist who is all about enhancing your natural beauty. (This is why I love him so much LOL) He is also known for his fabulous line of brushes sold on Beautylish. Going back to his video, he was talking about his personal frustration with current makeup trends and how they are all about completely changing how you look. 

... And at this moment, I totally felt like I wasn't alone. LOL 

I truly believe that makeup is a form of self expression and I admire the works of @PatrickStarrr, @JeffreeStar and @Jonysios. I think they are all extremely talented and bring something beautiful and unique to the makeup world but I would constantly be compared to them whenever I would get thrown into the "Male Makeup Instagram" category. I've always felt like people would only accept you in the male makeup world if you were wearing false lashes, glittery eyeshadow and lip gloss and this would always halt my progress and have me question myself in regards to if I were wasting my time trying to pursue this dream. I've been asked if I were too scared to try glam looks which I'm definitely not, I am completely comfortable in my own skin. A simple thought came into this big bronzed head of mine and I began to realize that no matter what style of makeup you do, EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING TO BRING TO THE TABLE. Got that? LOL. I also began to realize that no one was really catering to the more natural side of makeup and I felt that I could represent this audience as I would constantly search on Youtube for everyday makeup tutorials and still felt that what I was seeing was too heavy for me. (Don't get me wrong, I'm totally not bashing, judging or criticizing anyone. I'm just speaking for myself and what I wanted to learn) 

... Back to Clean Beauty (I won't stray away from the topic, I promise. LOL) 

Clean Beauty to me is an enhancement of your natural beauty. My personal "Clean Beauty" routine would be to enhance the skin, making it glow, enhancing the eyebrows, making me eyes pop and adding some bronzer here and there. But everyone is DIFFERENT. My features aren't your features, so through trial and error you must find what products best suit you. I've always been a little scared to try different products but I figured as an aspiring beauty guru, I'm your lab rat.. LOL. I need to experiment and tell you what I think is great, and what's not great! (Totally promise to keep you posted on new products, I'm working on a video as we speak). 

As of right now, my go to "Clean Beauty" products would be:

  • Kat Von D Concealer in Deep 36 (Blends like heaven) 
  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Opal (Great for all Skin Tones) 
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Dark Brown (Powder is the most natural way of filling in the brows and the Dark/Medium Brown tend to be the most universal shades.) 
  • Nivea Men Shaving Balm as a primer (Thanks @NikkieTutorials for introducing the world to this :') ) 
  • Mac Fix+ Spray to set (Honestly feels amazing even when you aren't wearing makeup)

Again!!! This is not me bashing anyone with a different makeup style! This was just me explaining my personal preference and what I like to use. Tell me what you like and want to see! 

Love ya'll!



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