Gerard Cosmetics Metal Matte Lipsticks! (Review + Lip Demo)

Gerard Cosmetics Metal Matte Lipsticks! (Review + Lip Demo)

It's finally the day, Gerard Cosmetics' Metal Matte Liquid Lipsticks have launched! These six shades are described as iridescent yet neutral. The matte formula gives it the appearance of the original matte liquid lipstick GC is famous for but has a metallic look when exposed to light. They are truly six unique and gorgeous shades that everyone will love! 

Grape Crush

A beautiful metallic purple that will have you stand out from the crowd. This is the perfect nighttime lip, that will give you a break from the typical browns that are seen everywhere these days. 


A cool brown with a slight purple hue, this is a gorgeous color that will look good on any skin color! This is my favorite shade in the Metal Matte line. 

Double Shot

This a beautiful rich, neutral brown that anyone can pull off as well. It has an intense gold sheen to it in the light. Although the "Underworld" lip is my favorite in line, this goes best with my skin color in my opinion. This is just a more traditional take on a metallic brown than "Underworld", but absolutely stunning nonetheless!

Cherry Bomb

Can anyone say Christmas?! This is the perfect color to wear for the holidays, it's vibrant and bright and matches perfectly with Santa's outfit. (That's the best way to make the nice list.) 

Fuzzy Navel

"Fuzzy Navel" is a peach toned lip color and was probably my least favorite of the line. My lips are extremely pigmented and the color was just too light for me but would look amazing on fair - olive skin tone. 

Dream Weaver

This gold metal matte is to die for! It has a pink undertone and is as natural looking as possible for a metallic lipstick. It is the perfect color to add some pizzazz to any daytime look!

Aren't these to die for? (I was going to provide pictures with each color on my lip but I was so focused on my Instagram demo that I completely forgot to snap a pic! You are totally allowed to hate me now.) You can snatch any or all of these lipsticks 30% off using my code "Victor30" on! The code also works on any full priced item. Do you guys have any favorite Gerard Cosmetics products? Comment down below!


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