The Importance of Drinking Water

"You should be drinking more water" everyone would tell me each time I'd gulp down a bottle of Sprite or Coke. Getting into the routine of drinking water was probably the hardest thing for me. I hated the taste of water. I would always say it was just like "drinking liquid air". I was so addicted to soda that drinking water wasn't even a thought. 

The turning point for me was when I began working out. I decided that working out wasn't enough, I needed to change the way I not only ate but pretty much everything else I put in my body. I  couldn't cut cold turkey so I searched for a substitute to soda and decided to try flavored sparkling water. Flavored sparking water changed my LIFE! LOL. It had the familiar bubbles that soda also has due to carbonation but also a hint of flavor which didn't make it taste like "liquid air". After a while I stopped drinking soda altogether and exclusively drank sparkling water. Although sparking water is pretty much 100% healthier than soda there is nothing I repeat NOTHING better for your body than good old still water. When I started to regularly drinking still water I began to notice a change in the way I felt, slept, clearer skin and even quicker muscle gain. My body was receiving the proper hydration it desperately needed in order to operate at full capacity. The mind works in mysterious ways because as soon as my body began to function and feel better, it began craving water. The one thing I literally hated, I was now craving all of the time! 

Some of the benefits of drinking water include: 

  • Balances fluid in your body
  • Helps control calories
  • Serves as fuel for muscles
  • Clears toxins which helps with clear skin!

These are only some of the numerous benefits of drinking water. It's pretty safe to say that the effects are only positive, so start drinking up! 



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It's All About The Skin.

It's All About The Skin.

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