#WTF is up with #cyberbullying?

Pretty much everyone in 2016 has a social network account of some sort. Whether it's Twitter, Facebook or Instagram there is one thing no one can seem to avoid... CYBERBULLIES. 

I'm not going to lie, I've had mean moments on the internet. We all have that mean inner voice that likes to talk tons of s#!t. LOL. But we seriously have to control this little mean inner voice! Negativity should not be a part of what you put out. Anything you put out in the world will come right back to you, REMEMBER THIS. I remember commenting something mean on a picture of a friend who tagged a reality tv star. The person I spoke about saw the comment and decided to respond to what I said. I FELT SO STUPID AND IMMATURE! LOL. I put myself in their shoes and saw how stupid I looked for saying something about someone I never met. I've been a victim of some serious cyberbullying as well. Some have gone as far as threatening to kill me! #physcomuch? It's super disheartening when you hear of teenagers who commit suicide because of the things that people tell them on the internet. 

But remember, people tend to say mean things when they're feeling insecure about themselves or in a really bad mood, so don't bother responding to them. BLOCK THEM. Nothing kills someone more than not being able to affect you. Sometimes silence is the deadliest weapon. 

So next time you're about to say something mean on the internet, think about how it would make you feel. Let's spread love and stay positive, there's never too much of that. 





Obsessed with #WorkFromHome by @FifthHarmony !!!!

Obsessed with #WorkFromHome by @FifthHarmony !!!!

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