Hey guys! 

So I know I totally disappeared off the face of the Earth! (Ya'll can totally kill me, I know). But April and May were/are such big months for me! I blame the lack of consistency with my last trip to LA, I got into total vacation mode. I didn't vlog, I kind of just went with the flow, which I totally don't regret, but I do regret not getting back into the swing of things once I got back to New York! 

Even though I got a little lazy, amazing things happened that reminded not to get lazy and get back on my shit! In April I got three huge shoutouts on Instagram which truly warmed my heart! @AllModernMakeup, @AnastasiaBeverlyHills & @KatVonDBeauty featured me on their pages all of which were pages which I would look through for inspiration, so it was touching to see my face on their feeds!!! (Totally pinching myself still). Just a week ago @MorpheBrushes featured me on their page as a #MorpheBoy which totally made a bad day turn all the way around! So thanks Morphe! LOL. 

But another amazing thing is happening just two hours from now! (Well as I'm writing this LOL) I'm finally turning 20!!!! It is totally bitter sweet, as I'm one of those few teenagers that actually like when older people say "Awww, you're a baby!", like yes I'm eternally young! LOL. I've made quite a few goals for my twentieth year of life. First, I want to stay consistent with the blog, Youtube and Social Media. I tend to believe that I'm not as talented as other beauty enthusiasts/personalities and it tends to halt my own material from being released. I know, I know, this is completely stupid but sometimes that voice in your head can be a serious bitch... Another goal of mine is to begin to tap into actual makeup artistry. Never in my life did I ever think that I would ever be a makeup artist but there is something so beautiful about creating visual art on the human body. It is so amazing to finally find my true passion and I really wont let anything stop me. My last (main) goal would be to save up enough money to move to LA in the beginning of next year. I am such a NEW YORK boy at heart but my constant traveling to Los Angeles has shown me how vast the social media beauty industry/scene is in Los Angeles compared to New York and I believe that my career can reach it's full potential on the West Coast. (Totally gonna retire and move back to New York though, I love this city way too much LOL). 

20 will be an age of raw self honesty, trial and errors, a continual journey to getting to know myself but most of all the age where the fruits of my labor will begin to bloom. Twenty will be full of SUCCESS. 




The True Definition of Beauty